Hi, I'm Anthony Alexander. Founder & Head of Growth at Royal Media Learning.

I’m helping more than 2430 people grow their business and revenue, by offering step-by-step guides, online courses, and consulting services. Read more about my story below.

"Since 2018, my mission has never changed: help marketers, entrepreneurs, and people just like you earn more by learning more."

Anthony Alexander
Founder & Head of Growth

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A special note from Anthony Alexander, our Founder & Head of Growth

“If you were going to tell a friend to start an online business (blog, e-commerce store, etc.), where would you tell them to go?

I’m sure you can recommend some articles, a podcast maybe, or a good book. But what if you really wanted to guarantee results?

That’s right.

I wondered that myself…

And following my online success (selling a small online course to 2430+ cold market leads, before owning the platform, using a powerful sales funnel) and failures (wasted 2 years and $10k trying to learn from marketing “gurus”), I learned there are certain principles that make someone successful in digital marketing & online business.

So more than 2 years ago, I started building this educational platform to show you what to do in order to generate a monthly income online.

But, I quickly realized that people need more than just the blueprint.

Here’s a real-life example…

My buddy David started an online business with high profits potential, back when I was building my platform (2017). He was prepared for everything, had a strong business plan, a generous marketing budget, and even a mentor.

Unfortunately, David failed in the first year. You’re probably wondering why. Well, he was ready to conquer the world and make millions, without having a small but crucial ally on his side: his mindset.

Yup, you read that correctly.

Our mindset is one of the most important cards we play in the business game. If you develop a winning mindset, you can achieve everything you plan for. Think about Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg, Richard Branson, Gary Vee, Jack Ma, and many other successful entrepreneurs out there. What type mindset do you think they have?

It dawned on me just then that it’s exactly what I want to do with you on my platform – push you towards a new realization and understanding of how the digital business world actually works (and how it all boils down to your mindset). Or, as the old saying goes “Your attitude determines your altitude.”

All along, “sitting” right next to you to help you improve your skills and develop a strong mindset.

That’s why I always say that digital business is easy to understand on the outside. It’s following a systematic and routine-based system day in and day out (like working out each week).

So, if you want to start your online business the right way, I promise you that our training and coaching here at Royal Media Learning will help you achieve whatever goals you may set.

See you on the students area and don’t forget that you earn more by learning more.

P.S. Unlike other companies and services out there, we’re a small business here and we don’t need to sell you over-priced courses to advance our cause.

If you’re in debt or want some get rich quick scheme, this is not for you. BUT if you’re willing to put in the effort and are committed to making your dream a reality, then we’re always available to help.”

Earn More By Learning More

Some folks out there think that “people who invest in their education are buying opportunities.” We couldn’t agree more and we’ve built our professional life based on this statement. But we wanted to dig even more into this statement and create a new one, adapted to our mission: helping people “earn more by learning more”.

You may say, “Well, I’m confused! What exactly should I learn to be able to earn more?” Definitely not what they teach you in school, because formal education will only help you make a living.

Here at Royal Media Learning, you will learn those in-demand skills that’ll help you create a side income (while still working on your 9 to 5). After a short time, you’ll be able to replace your job with your side income. Some of the skills you’ll learn on our platform:

These 6 Core Values Drive Our Relentless Mission To Change The Way You Learn Digital Marketing

A refreshing part of who we are and why so many marketers trust us for their online marketing education.


Continuous education is key in this field and we truly believe you should never stop learning – so we’ll always keep teaching.


We're carefully craft our content, courses, and materials so that the learning process is easy to understand and apply for every student.


Studying our courses and materials between 15 to 30 minutes every day is more than enough to create a habit and apply in real life.


We'll teach you how to use various online marketing tools for yourself or for your clients. This is important if you own a digital marketing agency or you're a freelancer.


All of our courses, memberships or some of the e-books have transparent costs and we won't surprise you with hidden prices.


Our instructors are creating the content based on their real life experience, regarding is business or digital marketing.

Industry Experts

Meet The Instructors

We’ve teamed up with our colleagues from Royal Media Agency to help you learn digital marketing directly from the expert’s experience. In the near future, we’ll bring new instructors to our platform.

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